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Lithium Fluoride
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Lithium Fluoride Manufacturer
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Lithium Fluoride

Lithium Fluoride
Market: Energy
SubMarket: Salts
CAS #: 7789-24-4
Description: An electrochemical grade of lithium fluoride used as a component of the electrolyte in lithium batteries.
Lithium Fluoride Technical Grade
Market: Specialty Applications
SubMarket: Specialty Inorganics
CAS #: 7789-24-4
Description: Powerful flux in enamels, glasses and glazes, ingredient in brazing and welding fluxes, molten salt chemistry and metallurgy, and heat sink material.

Lithium Fluoride, 98 % LiF
Mol. Formula LiF
EINECS-No 232-152-0
CAS-No 7789-24-4
Fluxes for welding and soldering techniques; salt bath for heat-treatment by low temperature and for dip brazing; fluxing agent for the glass, ceramics and enamel industries; additive in aluminium-electrolysis melts; raw material for optical lenses and prisms.
Lithium Fluoride Supplier
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